Summer Celebrity Recital 2012

Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence was founded in 1994 by pianist Kathron Sturrock. The group is named after Leonardo of Pisa, the great mediaeval mathematician, commonly known as Fibonacci. The series of numbers named after him (the ‘Fibonacci Sequence’) occurs throughout the natural world and is directly connected to the Golden Section, held by many to determine the most harmonious proportions in art and music.

Now well established as one of the foremost chamber ensembles in Britain, The Fibonacci Sequence is distinguished by the quality and high profile of its players and by the imagination and variety of its programming, making full use of the range and versatility of the chamber music repertoire.

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fibonacciSATURDAY 26 MAY 2012 AT 8.00PM
St.Thomas’ Church, Eglantine Avenue, Belfast

Mozart Flute Quartet No. 1 in D major, K285
Mathias Zodiac Trio
Françaix Quintet on themes by Scarlatti
Ibert Trio for violin, cello and harp
Saint-Saëns Fantasy for violin and harp
Damase Quintet for flute, harp and string trio

“ …no praise can be too high for the Fibonacci Sequence’s polished and dashingly committed performances…”

The Fibonacci Sequence performed a number of outreach concerts to the young and not so young.

fibonacci-outreach1  fibonacci-outreach2