Night Music 2019

A series of short concerts involving top Irish and Northern Irish musicians. High quality chamber music presented in an informal setting, along with opportunities to eat, drink and meet the artists. Join us from 8.00 pm for talks and interviews with composers and artists. The 9.00 pm performances will combine familiar masterpieces with new and contemporary works.

A partnership between Belfast Music Society and Moving on Music. Presented in association with the Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin.

Benyounes String Quartet

SARC, QUB, Cloreen Park, Belfast
Thursday 14 February 2019

Pre-concert talk starts at 8.15 pm
Performance starts at c. 8.30 pm*

Tickets: £10.00 full price / £6.00 Under 25s / £22 3-concert package

*Please note slightly earlier start time

Deirdre Gribbin Hearing Your Genes Evolve

Composer Deirdre Gribbin and geneticist Dr Sarah Teichmann’s year-long collaboration at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology in Cambridge resulted in the creation of a string quartet, Hearing Your Genes Evolve. A central aim of their work together was to demystify the scientific principles behind genetics and make them more meaningful to a wider audience. Through music, Gribbin used fragments of DNA patterns from the ‘1000 Genomes’ project. She created a number of musical dialogues between the four instruments in the quartet, which represented variations in how the genetic code transforms and modifies as the components change. This unique interplay created a new form of dialogue between music, science and audience, illuminating an understanding of the ever-changing nature of what makes us.

There will be two performances of the work, separated by an illustrated talk by Deirdre Gribbin and Sarah Teichmann. A Q&A session will follow the second performance of Hearing Your Genes Evolve, with Deirdre, Sarah and members of the Benyounes Quartet, chaired by the Contemporary Music Centre’s Evonne Ferguson.

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This event is part of the 2019 Northern Ireland Science Festival.

Crash Ensemble

The MAC, Belfast
Thursday 14 March 2019

Pre-concert talk starts at 8.15 pm
Performance starts at 9.00 pm

Tickets: £10.00 full price / £6.00 Under 25s / £22 3-concert package

Ireland’s premier contemporary music group makes its Night Music debut with a programme of music for violin, cello, guitar, percussion and tape.

Amy Rooney There are four seasons on my calendar, but from my window just three
Barry O’Halpin New work (Night Music commission)
Grainne Mulvey Perihelion/Aphelion
Sam Perkin PIM 
Judith Ring Up to my f-holes
György Ligeti Hommage à Hilding Rosenberg
Brian Bolger Hicaz


Nathan Sherman viola

Alex Petcu percussion

The MAC, Belfast
Thursday 11 April 2019

Pre-concert talk starts at 8.15 pm
Performance starts at 9.00 pm

Tickets: £10.00 full price / £6.00 Under 25s / £22  3-concert package

Tigran Mansurian Three Medieval Taghs for viola and percussion
Kevin O’Connell Four Pieces for Solo Viola
Deirdre Gribbin E 1027 Echo
Gene Koshinski Swerve for solo snare drum
Ian Wilson Apparitions for viola and percussion